To my passion-filled sisters who are driven to have what your hearts desire...Let me tell you, it's ok that you are driven To:

  • Have your work matter and make a difference

  • Make more money

  • Have more time

  • Be seen

  • Have better relationships

But the idea of doing more, being more, showing  up  more -- is an exhausting idea. You honestly don't have anything left to give.

And that is where all of this has gone wrong. We have allowed others to use our drive to their advantages. 


ladies, here's what went wrong


We had this belief that if we were the “good girls,” the hardworker, we’d get ahead in our business or careers.  

That others would simply take note and buy from us or promote us.  That if we built it, they would come (damn Kevin Costner!).

Somehow we bought into the societal expectations that we can't be too:

  • Money Focused

  • Passionate

  • Talented For Our Good

  • Take Charge

  • Driven


You're baffled thinking "With my driven nature, I should be MUCH further ahead!" 

Let's get real. We have shined brightly for others. We have given to others while putting ourselves freakin' dead last. 

We give our brilliance to others secretly hoping that they'll give us what we secretly want.  And that our drive, our greatness, our magnificence will finally be respected and rewarded!

We hope and we wait. Sitting on the fence getting splinters in our @ss, watching others get their just fruits while we continue to struggle, be overwhelmed and overworked...


Now you've hit a ceiling and a wall

You know something's gotta give! But being less vocal and visible isn't the answer. Neither is continuing to do more of the same and hoping for a different result.

What if you started to use your drive to your advantage?  It is not being the bitch, the bully, the backstabber, or anything of the other fill-in-the-blank derogatory words you fear.

It's about you rising to the level of magnificence your driven nature was designed for in order for you to bring your gifts into the world, while being well-rewarded for it.


Here's how: