The Real Work Session

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

Michelle Obama


Specializing in creating clarity around the real issues that are holding your business idea back while giving you real world, real work, actionable solutions to move your business forward.

Cassandra Shepard

If you knew what was really stopping you from growing and scaling the business of your dreams into a reality, you would have solved your problem long ago. 

During our The Real Work Session executive leader and strategist Cassandra Shepard will help you get crystal clear on what is really holding you back (aka identify and solve for the missing links) while giving you the real work, action steps that you need to overcome and uplevel your business to that next level.

With our The Real Work Session you can expect: 

  • Cassandra’s proprietary Business Breakthrough Diagnostic to begin identifying strengths and risks in your business and personal foundations.

  • During your 45-minute Real Work phone session with Cassandra, together you will break down what is really happening in your business, get clear on what is really holding you back, and how to move forward.

  • Following your 45-minute Real Work session, receive your personalized action plan with the specific steps to take to gain massive success fast.

  • Book and resources recommendations as needed from Cassandra’s personal library to improve yourself as you improve your business.

  • Personal invitation to one of Cassandra’s monthly office hours where you ask your questions, gain feedback, review your progress, etc.

    The Real Work Session investment: $1,997

One day?

Or day one.

You decide.

Cassandra Shepard

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