You Are Not A Unicorn.

We love to think that we are unique, original beings who

  • Are the only people who feel the depths of not being supported personally or professionally
  • Burn ourselves out "doing" more in the hopes of landing the promotion,  client, or just being seen by our boss
  • Feel like if I do any more that it will kill us
  • Struggle with balancing all of our wants and desires both personally and professionally
  • Think that is I just succeed professionally then I will be a success in all areas of my life too
  • Undervalued, underappreciated, and down right neglected in comparison to all that you give


I understand because I have been there. And I have worked with hundreds of women over the years who feel the exact same way. Some ladies come from Corporate others have a side hustle or two and some are entrepreneurs, but no matter what career path they have chosen - the overwhelm, over worked, under appreciated, undervalued and exhaustion is the same. 

And many times we find ourselves so burnt out that we dare not even speak what we really want. A life filled with magnificent possibilities on all fronts. Not that life is perfect, but that freedom, fun, and fresh apperciation is at our finger tips. 

The magnificent thing is, IT IS POSSIBLE. 


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Before I worked with Cassandra, I was struggling with the day-to-day grind of a job that I loathed. While working with Cassandra, I gained the coping skills necessary to prioritize and schedule my life in such a way that I could deal with the day-to-day issues, as well as, look forward to the future. Since working with Cassandra, I have gained confidence to set goals and meet them. I have quit my job and taken early retirement. I now enjoy my life of new found freedom with time to enjoy adventures. Cassandra is a master coach and mentor that helped bring out my best self. She coaches with a warm personality and infectious enthusiasm.
— Beverly Walker

Cassandra is an incredibly talented, thoughtful, honest, hard-working, high-achieving organizational leader. I’ve always admired Cassandra for demonstrating sincerity in her work and for her commitment to challenge the status quo, while also upholding strategic vision. Throughout the years she has provided counsel, coaching and confidence as I moved through my early career, working for several large health organizations and simultaneously earning my MBA. Her guidance and leadership has been a gift to me. As an accomplished female leader, Cassandra is well poised to leverage her experience to coach and equip the next generation of female leaders.
— Jill Ruiter
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I worked with and for Cassandra over the course of several years as the scope of her leadership responsibilities progressed rapidly. At every step of her career progression, she was a magnet for leaders and staff seeking wise counsel. She is the rare leader who develops and coaches others by default, not out of obligation. Her easy relational style coupled with executive experience in global organizations make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their skills and advance their career.
— Jeff Jones