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Jim, These Are Not Robot Questions

Jim, These Are Not Robot Questions

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Hello Gorgeous!

Quick question for you:  Who are you seeking support from about major decisions in your life?

I love movies.  Films from the Golden Age of Hollywood make me swoon.  But so do modern-day action/adventure movies…especially if there’s an element of outer-space to them.

So I was recently re-watching the movie Passengers.  You know, the one starring Chris Pratt (‘Star-Lord' from Guardians of the Galaxy) and Jennifer Lawrence (‘Katniss’ from Hunger Games).  

They play characters named Jim and Aurora who are on a 120-year journey aboard a spaceship transporting them to a new life on a new planet in a new galaxy.

Trouble is, Jim’s hibernation pod malfunctions and wakes him up some 90 years too soon.  Uh oh. And the only other ‘person’ awake on the 5,000 person spaceship is an android bartender named Arthur.  

After a year of loneliness and desperation Jim starts to think of ways to have real human companionship, and he begins processing weighty alternatives and questions with the robot bartender.  

Questions like:

“Say you were trapped on a desert island, and you had the power to wish somebody there with you…Would you make that wish?”

“How do you do the math?”

Arthur’s response is freakin’ brilliant:  “Jim, these are not robot questions.”

How many times in your life are you weighing hefty decisions?  If you’re living a full out life, then a lot. Who you process things with matters!

Are you reaching out to the “Arthur’s” of your world — the people who are nice and fun to hang out with but they’re the only ones around, and they aren’t quite capable or equipped to really be of help?  

The whole idea of being wise in who we seek support from seems so basic when we take an objective step back to reflect.  However, sometimes when we’re at a major fork in the road it’s easy to just lean on whoever is close.

Or whoever won’t question us deeply.

Or whoever seems to tell us what we want to hear.  

Even the android bartender, Arthur, knew Jim needed to talk to someone else.  Seek out advisors who can help you:

  • Look at problems or opportunities from a variety of angles.
  • Balance the tug and temptation of the short-term with the important longer-term priorities; and,
  • Ask the tough questions you need to authentically answer to reach the best solution.

Having such wise advisors can help you leapfrog over obstacles and capitalize on fantastic opportunities.