Well done, Gorgeous!  No doubt about it — your passion, energy and enthusiasm is setting your business up to be a rising star.



  • Your energy and passion are contagious

  • You are open to feedback on how to make things even better

  • Your mindset is positive

  • You surround yourself with high vibe people

  • Your determination shines

This Means Your Business Strengths Are:

  • Building a community

  • Knowing what’s profitable

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Having fun

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The Hidden Traps

Clearly your hard work is paying off.  You’re excited about your business, have clients and are making money doing what you love.  The question at this stage is “Is your business serving you or are you caught in a hamster wheel of you serving it?” 

It’s now that you have to be intentional about growing your business in a way that also allows you to live an amazing life. You must protect and look after the strategy and legacy of your business at all costs.

Yet, far too often, your RISING STAR perspective allows your love for your business to cause you to spend too much time working “in” your business and not enough time working“on” your business.  It can also lead you down the wayward path of sacrificing quality time on other things outside of your business.

That can look like:

  • No real strategic thinking because you’re too busy serving clients and running the business.

  • Your life being designed around your business versus designing your business around your ideal life.

  • Not pushing yourself to explore the rest of your potential.

  • Being exhausted because even though you’ve reached a certain level of financial success it came at too high a price.

  • Not investing in holistic personal development to grow your character strong enough to handle even more financial success.

But this doesn't have to be the case!


How To Use Your RISING STAR Personality To Your Business' Advantage:


You know how to have a solid business idea and get it up and running.  And you’ve set solid foundations in your business and are seeing consistent income as a result. Brava!

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The world is ripe for opportunity and you’re capable of achieving more now than ever — both in business and in life. Now’s a great time to put together a plan to scale your business in ways that have you living a magnificence life as well.

  • First, if you haven’t taken time to really celebrate where you and your business are at, do so! Yes, you’re a #drivengirl, and at the same time your soul wants to be nurtured and cherished too. So really take time to say thank you and savor your success before you’re off to leap the next tall building in a single bound.

  • How’s your personal life foundation? I ask because I’ve seen too many women have the money and business part nailed but they are somewhat lonely, overworked, and have a gnawing sense of being unfulfilled because they’ve given too much to get their business to the rising star state. It’s time to take care of yourself first, Love. Invest in the personal development you need to have success in life as well as in business.

  • Take time to strategically plan what’s next for your business and what level of support you’ll need to get there with ease.

Take what you’ve done to get here in business and create your Rising Star life as well.


What some help with that?

You’ve got momentum going! Don’t stop now. I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me to plot your plans to take over your corner of the world with your business WHILE living the life you love.