The Rollercoaster business is a thrill ride for sure! Some months are freakin’ fabulous!!! You start the climb, riding high in the clouds.  Nothing can stop you!

And then you hit a dry spell. 

What worked before doesn’t work as well.  You have ideas but it’s becoming increasingly hard to mobilize on them fast enough.  Someone quits.  Or you lose your biggest client(s) and don’t have a full pipeline ready in the wings.  Just when you’re gaining momentum, there’s always something that takes you two steps back.



  • Your love and passion for your work are contagious

  • You’ve been successful at making money before

  • You have a willingness to take risks

  • You love variety

  • Your comeback nature is an inspiration to others

This Means Your Business Strengths Are:

  • Quickly spotting trending ideas

  • Comfort with sales

  • Hustling

  • Adaptability

  • Innovation

Quiz Rollercoaster Height.JPG

The Hidden Traps

Clearly you have the hustle muscle, but do you have the mindset to keep pace with your hustle?  Just like all rollercoasters, there is a “height” requirement to having your business produce CONSISTENTLY high income.  And one of the biggest requirements is to protect your thoughts from fear and comparison at all costs. 

Yet, far too often, your ROLLERCOASTER perspective allows your love for the comeback and proving others wrong to sacrifice the boundaries needed for you to take consistent action in your business.

That can look like:

  • Buying into the negativity and doubt from others close to you.

  • Putting up with something that’s happening in your business or life because you’re afraid of confronting the person.

  • Settling for less than A players on your team.

  • Being attached to what worked in the past but isn’t working today.

  • Not believing you’re good enough or smart enough to actually make the amount of money you dream about.

But this doesn't have to be the case!


How To Use Your ROLLERCOASTER Personality To Your Business' Advantage:


The fact that you’ve made money in your business in the past shows that you have what it takes to really make a go of your business. 

But unless you're a pre-teen who loves the ups and downs of an actual rollercoaster, it’s time to stop lining up to get on that ride again.

Dollar Sign.jpg

Here’s what you can do in the next 90-days to get off the rollercoaster:

  • Stop tolerating crap. Seriously, I’ve coached too many women in the rollercoaster stage and the pattern that shows up points to something they’re either putting up with, afraid to address, or don’t feel they deserve. So do some sleuthing. Be like Hercule Poirot and discover the whodunit of what you’re putting up with that you shouldn’t be. Take action to resolve it and you’ll begin to free up your emotional energy and raise your vibration to receive better things.

  • Assess your team— be it your very own staff or services you hire like a VA, graphics designer, web person. Do you have only A-players on your team? Do you have the right support to delegate to because you can’t (or shouldn’t!) do everything yourself?

  • Lastly, it’s time to get a mentor. Find someone who gets what it’s like to be an entrepreneur but also has the business experience to help you let go of the past and move forward with new ways to grow your business.

You know you’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

Do not allow something else to pop up that moves you just out of the reach of your deepest desires! 

This is the moment, right here, right now to absolutely, once and for all, get this money rollercoaster monkey off your back. 


Want some help with this?

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