Well hello Corporate Chick!  If anyone knows about setting up good systems and structures it's you. When others see a scary task, you see a 10-step checklist backed by check and balance processes for tackling said scary task.



  • You're able to see the bigger picture

  • You are wicked good at solving problems

  • You have an eye for quality and pay attention to details

  • You know how to work through others

  • Your communication skills motivates others

This Means Your Business Strengths Are:

  • Establishing structures and systems

  • Working well with others

  • Having an extensive network

  • Understanding how to mobilize people towards a goal

  • Staying committed to your work

Corporate Ducks.jpg

The Hidden Traps

Clearly you have a head for business.  You work well with others and know how to organize and structure work.  You get the importance of upholding a common culture. And you understand the importance of having your ducks in a row.  All that can take you far IF you don’t let it take you too long!  

Yet, far too often, your CORPORATE CHICK perspective allows 1) your love for having every "i" dotted and "t" crossed before you put something out into the world and 2) your need to fit in, to sacrifice the speed of actually growing your business and you standing out. 

That can look like:

  • Getting caught up in having everything "perfect" before you launch anything.

  • Working on something urgent rather than what's most important.

  • Being too busy that you miss out on key opportunities.

  • Having your brand “fit in” rather than it representing your truest, brightest self.

  • Not making money because you’re treating your business more like a hobby than a living.

But this doesn't have to be the case!


How To Use Your CORPORATE CHICK Personality To Your Business' Advantage:


With all of your work experience, growing your own business should be relatively easy and more profitable. Except its not. And somewhere deep down you wonder if you should stick to something more safe and reliable.  But you're growing tired of having your talents line the pockets of others.

Quiz Chick 4.jpg

Here's the great news: the beauty of the corporate chick perspective is that you have so many of the key foundations for business success already within your reach.

To leapfrog forward in the next 90 days:

  • Put a fork in the one project you’ve been working on too long. Done is better than perfect!

  • Shed the corporate feathers so your own beautiful brand can shine through. Invest in a brand makeover to truly infuse your business with your personal brand.

  • Hire some additional help to multiply your time and ability to get things done quicker.

Stop treating your business like a hobby.  Start leveraging the strength of the Corporate Chick personality to treat it like a living! 


Want help with this?

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