Power Partner

Be the kind of woman who makes other people want to up their game.


Specializing in supporting accomplished female leaders craft your ideal business model that will gain you the financial success, industry success, personal success, relational success, and legacy success that sparked you into betting on yourself and your own business in the first place.

Cassandra Shepard

Let’s get real. You have so much going on with your business from dealing with putting out the daily fires to getting out of the backlog of work weeds - you need expert guidance - a “partner” that has your back, believes in your goals and is as dedicated as you are in scaling and growing not just your business, but yourself and your life to that next level of success. 

With our Power Partner™ experience, executive leader Cassandra Shepard and her team will partner with you in everything from making sure you are hiring the proper staff who will really support and execute your goals and dreams to not losing yourself, relationships, and all that you truly desire along the way. 

You don’t have to sell your soul or lose your life for success.

Because when you have a business badass like Cassandra Shepard  by your side who knows where you are going, has your back, and is working alongside of you to scale your business to the next level - your business and life truly become unstoppable.

During our 12 months together with our Power Partner™ experience you can expect: 

  • Together you and Cassandra will reverse engineer the dream business and personal life you have always secretly desired into tangible steps on how your dream can be your reality starting with the business you have today. 

  • Part confident, part trusted adviser, during your Closed Door Sessions with Cassandra she is there to support you as the leader and CEO of your business and life. From discussing family dynamics to how to have those challenging work conversations or simply to overcome your personal struggle with imposter syndrome, these highly confidential sessions are your safe haven times where you can let the perfectionism and brave face down and be real about what is truly going on with you. 

  • Work directly with Cassandra to create a strategy that scales your business to a successful, sustainable, and thriving company (yes, a grown-ass business)

  • Our team has your team covered from hiring, training, and onboarding - we are your go-to support to make sure your new staff is a success and so is your company.

  • We help you get the “pick of the litter” when it comes to hiring new candidates. Putting you in the leader seat from the get-go. 

  • We cover all those business logistics you most likely haven’t paused to think about like making sure your business strategy actually creates the business you are desiring, designing an infrastructure that can support your current work and launch your next dream, or setting your business up to be actually sellable in the future. 

  • Learn how to embrace the mindset of success, system, and structures from your personal beliefs and self-worth to the logistics that systems actually will support not strangle your success.  Yes, we promise systems and structures are very sexy when it comes to your business's ultimate success.

  • Accelerate your success both financially and personally while becoming the woman you always dreamed of being.

  • Together you and Cassandra will advance your business and scale your success like you never dreamed of. During your Boss Lady MBA Session, Cassandra will bring her 25 years of high-level executive skills in corporate plus her Duke MBA expertise to help you see the true possibilities for your brand, your business, relationships, and life can truly have. 

  • Yes, your business can and should create a life and legacy that creates epic moments for you and the ones you love. During your Life of Substance Legacy Strategy Session, together you and Cassandra will design out your perfect plan to have your business support your dreams, build your legacy, and give you the freedom to have those epic experiences that are forever on the hearts of you and the ones you love. 

  • Get clear on how to authentically show up to have your relationships thrive while your business does too. 

  • And because true success isn’t all about work, during our Art of Womanhood Day, you will join Cassandra and one of her favorite personal stylists in a fabulous city where you will have professional guidance in looking, being, and living the woman of your dreams today. 

  • And of course, during our time together, Cassandra and her team will be available to answer any of your growth, strategy, scaling, and leadership needs. Yes, we are your unofficial chief of staff on retainer for whenever you need us. 



Investing in yourself pays the best interest.

Cassandra Shepard

Ready to be the women you needed as a girl?