You’re so close you can taste it, right?!

For the areas that are not where you want them to be — whether it’s your earnings or with debt or opportunities — prioritize the one area that REALLY needs to shift.  The one area that if you had that one thing solved it’d feel like 12 monkeys got off your back! Make a plan this week to solve for that one thing in the next 90 days.  

It is vital that you take action, and now.  Because in all likelihood, you’re not surprised by these results, right?  The money areas you aren’t as strong in have been hanging around awhile, yes?  

All too often I see women stay stuck and stalled at this level.  They are constantly on the verge of breakthrough only to have something else pop up that moves them just out of the reach of their deepest desires.  The high hopes and then dashed hopes is like yo-yo dieting and what you most desire stays just inches out of your grasp.

And oftentimes, these last areas are the hardest nuts to crack — especially if you’re trying to do it on your own.  You want to know why? Because there’s usually 3 or 4 other key foundations of life that are blocking your full strength with money.  You’re going to need a heightened level of confidence, courage and feminine power to breakthrough where you’ve been stuck.

And it’s frustrating, right?!  You know you’re at a place in your life where you’re capable of so much more!  What you desire for yourself is just bursting inside of you. You know that you were created for magnificence!  

And you know that you have been waiting too long/your entire life for this moment right here, right now to absolutely, once and for all, get this money stuff handled.  

Now, you deserve support and mentoring so that as you’re discovering how to best move forward in your career and life, you have someone to check in with.  So that you are sure that you are bringing the best out in yourself at the top level and in the highest way possible.

Ready to invest in getting this handled?  I invite you to take the full Magnificent Foundations quiz and have a private coaching intensive with me to determine your best path forward.  Together, it’s designed specifically to get you from where you are right now — on the verge of bursting with your potential — to actually knowing what to do next.  

And not “one day…” Because you’ve been feeling that too long and saying that too long.  Today! Click here to get started.  Reserve your space now before my schedule fills up!

What's Next?: Now that you have clarity on how to take action to optimize your Money Magnificent. Here's the truth. Your magnificent life is only 1/12th of what creates a magnificence life. 

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