I know…you’re probably glad your teachers didn’t grade this tough, right?

But I’m here for you and am going to give it to you straight.  

First, kudos on your candor with yourself!  You’ve given yourself an honest assessment of where you are at financially.  So many times that’s the biggest hurdle: facing reality. You didn’t nudge your answers upwards.  You’re not going to go back and retake the quiz, answering a section differently just to get to an ’11’.  No, you’re not going to delude yourself about where you’re at with money. I love that! I love working with women who may not like the answer but aren’t afraid of facing the truth either.  Well done for that.

Now for the tough love, my dear.  10 points or below in the area of money puts tremendous and unnecessary burden on you, your happiness, your wellbeing, your sense of worth, and your desires.  

Money’s always tight and you probably feel like you have to be a magician to make it all work each month.  A score of 10 or below signals that you’re likely underpaid and under earning for the work that you do. And it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re feeling worn out and wondering what it takes to move beyond this struggle.

You see, so many times there are other areas in one’s life that need strengthening first before the money starts flowing.  And when those areas are strengthened, strength in the money camp usually follows.

This, you know.  

Do you also know that you deserve more and the world needs more of your gifts and talents?   

For that to happen, whatever has kept you disenchanted, feeling broke and broken, you need to SET THAT FREE. 

Do not wait another day to get yourself on track to your dreams and desires.  I invite you to set up private 1:1 time with me to speed your way forward. As part of that, you’ll complete the full Magnificent Foundations quiz to see exactly where you stand and what to do next.  Reserve your space now before my schedule fills up!

What's Next?: Now that you have clarity on how to take action to optimize your Money Magnificent. Here's the truth. Your magnificent life is only 1/12th of what creates a magnificence life. 

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