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Passionate about helping women have the boo and the bank account. Both an entrepreneur as well as international C-suite executive for the last 20 years, Cassandra Shepard knows what it takes first hand to succeed both professionally and personally (and the answer is not what Google tells you).

Cassandra demystifies what it takes to be a strong, powerful, and profitable woman both personally and professionally by unlocking the code to what all driven, Type A women want -- a life filled with magnificent possibilities on all fronts.

The ultimate communicator, Cassandra will train, entertain, and educate your audience as she has for countless audiences from around the world. With her uncanny ability to communicate even the most complex and overwhelming tasks into actionable steps, Cassandra’s blend of love and logic leaves your audience inspired to make the changes that will create their magnificent lives.

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Intelligent, engaging, and fun -- Cassandra Shepard teaches female audience’s from around the world how to have the personal and professional lives they dream of.

From corporate America to the start up on Main Street, the driven women Cassandra attracts want the steps to the success they seek. And that is exactly what she does on stage and on set.

Cassandra's unique ability to translate complex ideas into entertaining pop culturally relevant ideas is one of the many reasons she is sought after to speak worldwide.


  • Career Advancement: corporate, small business and entrepreneurial

  • Leadership and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Women Who Work

  • Work / Life Balance -- aka how to be a well rounded human being

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Click To Download Cassandra’s Press Kit Here

Click To Download Cassandra’s Press Kit Here