90 Days. Exclusive 1:1 private coaching for scaling your business, team, and life.

This exclusive mentoring is for you if you can relate to the following:

You are visionary and started up your business to a financial success.  Along the way you probably duct-taped things together. Shot from the hip. Needed little strategizing of things or planning…

And that worked!…in the beginning, that is.  

And you thought that because it worked, it’s fine.

You’ve had wins and collected a variety of medals along the way running in these sprints.  But it’s not sustainable.

Making money in your business over the long haul is a marathon.

But you can’t scale your business further if you’re at risk of running out of steam.


You’re wondering “why do I have to do everything?”

You started your business to have more time and money freedom but all you do is find that you’re working all the time because you may still be freaked out about money. Or about hiring more staff or higher-level staff.

You don’t necessarily have the time or the patience to train your team, and you haven’t necessarily made the best hiring decisions in the past.  

Or you’ve gotten burned by someone who claimed they could do this and that -- only to find out the really couldn’t or took too much of your time with all their questions that you might as well have done it yourself.

The three things that you really need in your business include...

  • Team that does the work you don’t want to do or shouldn’t be doing anymore, or things that you’re not really great at.

  • Structure that actually serves you.  Sexy structures and systems that create time and money so you’re not working all the time or stressed out about money all the time.

  • Mindset of a successful CEO -- because where you’re at versus the person who has double your income IS different.  

Mindset of a successful CEO - Cassandra Shepard
The most successful CEO - Cassandra Shepard

I’m here to get you out of the weeds, out of the trenches, out of working all the time, out of stressing all the time so that you literally can work less and make more.

But right now that’s a fantasy.  

And you want to make it your reality instead! Because at a certain point, you’re now recognizing that what you’ve built isn’t really scalable.  You’re stuck and can’t get to the next level.

Ready to do what the most successful CEOs do to excel in business and live a most magnificent life?

Give yourself the expert private attention every Founder deserves. Here’s how...



Intake Questionnaire  — to complete and submit in advance of your first coaching session so that I may get to know you and your business better and so that we get off to a running start towards your goals.

Transformational Strategies — for business, team, personal development and more...that are customized to you and your business needs. Popular areas include:

  • Hiring, training, retaining your absolute dream team

  • Designing your magnificent lifestyle, with you as a priority

  • Making the most of venture capital investment or business loans

  • Establishing and aligning your staff on your vision, mission, and company culture

  • Elevating your brand image and reputation

  • Redesigning your business model and creating the systems & structures that allow your business to run more seamlessly

  • Significant and deeper development and personal growth as a woman (...learning how to let go of the overuse of masculine energy that has left you feeling empty as a woman)

  • Strategic Planning to take your business to the next level or launch your dream project

  • Learning how to trust your intuition further to guide you in business and in life

  • Building your legacy

Format — 12 weekly coaching calls by phone

Direct Access Support — message me via Voxer to ask any and all questions in-between coaching calls.  

Material Review — from pitch decks and Board presentations, to job descriptions and important communications, you’ll have a second-set of eyes on your most important messaging and marketing materials

Application Process- Book a Business Strategy Consultation to apply for the Magnificent Founder private coaching program.

HOW IT WORKS - Cassandra Shepard


$10,000 pay in full discount

(Payment plan is also available)