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5 Tips for Self-Employment Success

5 Tips for Self-Employment Success

5 Tips for Self-Employment Success - Cassandra Shepard

Hello Gorgeous,

So your answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is “My own boss!”  

Good for you!  

These 5 tips will help get you on the road to being a self-employed success rather than a failed entrepreneur statistic.

Take care of thyself first.

You can’t get your business flowing if you’re running on empty.  Taking care of yourself is an absolute must and doing so isn’t selfish.  “You” is all you’ve got when you’re in business for yourself. Make the time to exercise, eat, right and do things outside of work that bring you joy.

Have your very own Fort Knox.

To really succeed, you have to take risks.  And you can’t take intelligent, creative risks if you’re scared.  It’s as simple as that. Have (or develop) cash reserves to stay in business for two years.  And have encouraging people in your corner who can help you overcome the dark days when you wonder whatever possessed you to start your own business!  

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Have a plan.

Know where you’re going and how you’ll get there by having a written, integrated plan for your life and your business.  Include your vision, mission, short- and long-range goals, and strategies and action plans to get you there. Visually display your goals and review them—every single day.

Work with people you love.

Life is too precious to follow the “any client is better than no client” adage.  Protect your sanity. Be willing to be selective in serving only those people you enjoy, and have the courage to “fire” a non-ideal client if necessary.

Flatten your learning curve.

Get an objective advisory board.  Sound crazy for a small business? It’s not.  Having people to bounce ideas off of and give you an objective opinion is critical in making your journey to success a quicker one.  

Bonus Tip:

There’s one little thought that can trip you up and keep you stuck and broke.

“I know all of this already!”  

If you hear that thought inside your head, stop and ask yourself “What can I learn from this?”   

Because here’s the truth: if you don’t have the evidence of what you want in your business in this present moment, then you probably really don’t know it yet.  Or you’re probably not living it out yet or have mastered it yet.

When you sit down and be humble and ask yourself “What can I learn from this?” you’ll begin retraining your brain to look for new ideas and answers that will move you forward.  So stay open to what you can learn.

Add these tips to your way of doing business and life.   They’ll help you on your path of self-employment success.

Much love,


P.S.  For my corporate ladies, these tips are pretty universal.  If you’re not experiencing the level of career success you’d like, take stock of your life through the lens of these tips.

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