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Before I worked with Cassandra, I was a young leader in a new job struggling to figure out the kind of leader I wanted to be and how to live that out. I had seen some good (and not so good) examples of leadership during my career, but lacked a consistent role model to guide me in my leadership. Cassandra became my mentor and helped me to navigate my new role and the organization.

While working with Cassandra, I was encouraged to grow personally and professionally in order to become my best self. She inspired me to challenge myself, pursue the best interests of the organization, and focus on creating a healthy life and leadership balance.

Since working with Cassandra, I have come to appreciate the delicate balance of graceful compassion and inspirational accomplishment that she models in her leadership. Her example challenges me to become a better, healthier leader while also pursuing a life of joy.

Cassandra is a thoughtful and strong leader who cares deeply about the people around her. She is a strategic thinker and applies her international business acumen to develop creative solutions for organizational development and growth.
— Jessica Bolding, CPA

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great leaders in my 30+ years of Fortune 500 Corporate Life. Having spent nearly two decades with Procter & Gamble, I know what a great leader looks like and I also know it’s not easy to develop into one. But you, my friend, are one of the best! Your leadership is “magical.” You carry the weight of executive responsibility with dignity and grace. Competence is second nature to you; excellence always your goal. You deliver, deliver, deliver. If this already were not enough, you show a deep care and concern for all those around you. The only thing that exceeds your leadership capability is the kindness and care you show to your team. Thank you for the change you have brought to so many lives. There won’t be a day I come to work and not continue to emulate your leadership.
— Theresa Chipps