LADIES, you were told you could start your business…sky's the limit! 

Make your mark in the world. Help a lot of people. Have limitless income.

Work from the beach or anywhere in the world. Have tons of time to travel. 

Have an A-team. Have passive income. Make money in your sleep. 

You know, all of the things that you’re promised in



Except you've now been in business long enough to realize that you are in the entrepreneurial nightmare.


You’re doing everything.

You haven’t take a shower in days.

You haven’t put on makeup in weeks.

You’re hair's been on top of your head since Gone with the Wind.

Your desk is the kitchen table.

You don’t have time freedom. 

You don’t have money freedom.  

You’re trying to maintain the joy and convince yourself that you do enjoy working with clients but the truth is that you’re working so much in your business that you don’t have time to work on your business.  


And, quite frankly,

everything is a hot mess.


But, you haven’t given up on your dream.

You know that there’s an answer and everyday you get up basically doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.  We know that’s the definition of insanity.  

What you needed is a mentor.  What you need is private, personalized 1-on-1 attention.  

And someone who herself is an entrepreneur but comes from a corporate background who can show you how to setup your business to be like a real company, making REAL money, and teach you:

  • The mindset you must have to be a successful, prosperous company owner versus a business owner.

  • How to have the marketing and messaging in place to reach your ideal clients and have them excited to pay for your services.

  • How to have an A-team in place so that when someone tells you that they are ‘organized and can help you,’ that you don't hire them on the spot in blind faith that you believe that. That you actually have a hiring process that’s going to work for A-players and that you train them so that there’s longetivity and stability in your business.

  • How to set up the sexy systems and structures in your business so that everyone on your team is happy, including YOU!


Then, only from the mindset, marketing, team, systems and structures

will your entrepreneurial vision be a blessing in the world,

while making you bank!


You’ll get out of the pendulum swing of beating yourself up or beating everyone else up because you forgot why you’re doing this in the first place because you’ve been so stuck in the trenches.

I’ll help you get back to your vision.  Back to your glory.  Back to your zone of genius and doing what only you can do.  And have all of these pieces — the mindset, marketing, team, systems and structures — be your foundation to support you doing your work in the world. 

To make you money. 

To get you actually living your entrepreneurial dream where you are traveling and working from anywhere in the world. 

To where you are making a difference and actually manifesting the visions and the income you had in the first place.  


Because the only thing that everyone didn’t tell us about the entrepreneurial dream was THIS middle part: That to have longetivity and financial success in your business you have to set it up as the real company it actually is.  


The way you’re going to get there the fastest is through private, personalized customized attention.


Hi, my name is Cassandra Shepard.

And this is my specialty…my zone of Genius. Not only am I a straight shooter as the corporate woman who knows how to get things done in a millisecond, but I’m also spiritual, loving, and compassionate entrepreneur myself.

I get the vision piece.

I get the heart.

I get the feminine piece.

I get the money desires and significance needs.

Now we’re going to bring it all together.


Here’s your opportunity



Personalized Attention, Powerful 1-on-1 Coaching & A-List Accountability

DRIVEN GIRL ENTREPRENEURS DON’T STRUGGLE FINANCIALLY.  Ready to solve the money puzzle for good? Ready to put the marketing, team, systems and structures in place to get your business to the next level?  In this exclusive coaching program for women entrepreneurs, I’m taking a stand for you making REAL cash in your business — consistently!  

Here’s your invitation to turn your business dreams into a reality.

I’m here to get you out of the weeds.  

Out of the trenches.  

Out of working all the time.  

Out of stressing all the time so that you literally CAN work less and make more.  

But right now that's a fantasy.  If you want to make it your reality, let's get started today.


  • 12 private coaching calls 60 minutes each

  • Personal Brand Assessment

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Weekly accountability to achieve your goals







Ready to reboot your efforts and not just hope for and talk about making more money but actually do it…

If you’re no longer available to sit on the sidelines watching other people hit $5K, $10K+ months while you stay stuck…

Let’s get started today!