Cassandra Shepard - Executive Coach and Life Strategist

Cassandra Shepard

Described as the real-life Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible for corporate America, Cassandra Shepard has been helping national and international organizations for over 25 years achieve the impossible both in their corporate culture and with their bottom lines.

Shepard’s natural Oracle nature has attracted countless corporate women throughout her career to seeking her out for advice on how to leverage a goal that is seemingly impossible, and do it all with grace, class and magnificent style.

Now, Shepard is poised to taketaking this expertise and energy and applying it to the big dreams that women have for their business, careers and lives.



Cassandra Shepard, MBA, SPHR is an Executive Coach and Life Strategist.  After skyrocketing her career as an international C-suite executive in a male-dominated $850M global organization that operated in 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Cassandra now specializes in working with Now she specializes in working holistically with female entrepreneurs and corporate executives to design and build their most ideal careers and lives. Clients flourish under her guidance, surpassing their daring goals of top-tier profits, career success and purpose-driven life.

Passionate about helping smart, ambitious women excel, Cassandra founded Shepherd+CO LLC, funneling her expertise into her Startup Accelerator and Founderess™ signature coaching systems that support and accelerate women towards what is magnificent and possible in their lives and careers.

Prior to founding Shepherd+CO, Cassandra served as the Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President for Compassion International where she served as the CEO’s right-hand partner and advisor: part confidant and part all-around strategic consultant to mobilize vision, strategy, values, and engage change in complex, dynamic, global environments.  In her dual-executive role, she led Compassion’s global functions for: Strategy, Leadership Development, Organization Design, Corporate Communications, Project & Process Management, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Board Support, and the Presidential Office Operations.

Cassandra brought a robust breadth and depth of leadership experience to Compassion, having previously served as its Vice President of Human Resources in which she was responsible for assuring the effective employment, engagement and management of human resources worldwide, and as Compassion’s Director of Risk Management.

Before Compassion, Cassandra held leadership roles in public education, consumer goods and the financial and technology industries, having enjoyed success in organizations like Pepsi-Cola and T-Mobile.  

Cassandra received an Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design from Arapahoe Community College, a Bachelor degree in Marketing from California State University, Fresno, and obtained a Master of Business Administration from Duke University’s Global Executive program.  She is certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources, as well as a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Values Analyst through Target Training International. She is also a Certified Coach Graduate of CoachU, the leading global provider of coach training programs.

When she’s not working or traveling the globe, Cassandra loves spending quality time with her family and friends.  Since her kids are active in sports, you can usually find her at the basketball court, outdoor track or dance studio cheering them on — but never without her lipstick.  Cassandra loves interior design, reading and cooking. She is also deeply passionate about helping women and children around the world.